Thursday, 24 May 2007

101 in 1001

Start date: 24 May 2007
End date: 18 February 2010

The aim of the game (found here): Complete 101 preset tasks over 1001 days.
Tasks must be: specific (unambiguous); realistic; represent some effort; and have a result that is either measurable or clearly defined.

60 tasks down, 41 to go.
    Lexicological — writing
  1. Complete a crossword a week for twelve weeks. (12/12)
  2. Write a book review for Chaff.
  3. Write a feature for Chaff — no personal hobby-horses.
  4. Write a column for Chaff for twelve weeks.
  5. Enter the Sunday Star-Times short story competition.
  6. Enter the BNZ short story competition. (Complete: 27.06.2008)
  7. Get two NaNoWriMo novels self-published through CreateSpace.
  8. Get a short story published in Takahe.
  9. Complete Script Frenzy. (Complete: 20056 words)
  10. Write a non-fantasy NaNoWriMo novel. (Complete: 30.11.2007)
  11. Finish a first draft of 100,000+ words.
  12. Query a novel with a publisher/agent.

  13. Mental/Educational — scholarly, reading, linguistics
  14. Read all Jane Austen novels/novellas.
  15. Read all books in the BBC Top 100 list (33/100).
  16. Read/sell/give away all my books. (135 left)
  17. Complete a French or Russian course.
  18. Complete my Russian textbook. (6/90)
  19. Read all of the short stories that Jo gave me in Russian.
  20. Include a word from SPBoW in a Chaff article.
  21. Learn to swim. Swim the length of a swimming pool.
  22. Hand in an assignment at least three days early.
  23. A semester with no late assignments.
  24. Get an "A" grade for a paper. (Complete: Sem 1 2007)
  25. Graduate with a double major.

  26. Domestic — home life
  27. Sort out my Unsorted folder. (2771/4005 files sorted)
  28. Have bought all of my music. (Complete: 05.11.2007)
  29. Reinstall Windows.
  30. Download my diaryland entries. (417/417: 06.06.2007)
  31. Back up Personal folder.
  32. Single-handedly change a tyre.
  33. Mow a lawn.
  34. Help finish painting Dan's house.
  35. Sort out boxes of papers and random junk in my room.
  36. Keep my desk and floor tidy and clear for a week.
  37. Move out of Joy's.
  38. Get a cat from the SPCA.(Complete)

  39. Personal — just for me
  40. Get a manicure.
  41. Get a facial.
  42. Get a massage.
  43. Get a tattoo.
  44. See a professional stage-show.
  45. Go to a live concert of a really good artist or band.
  46. Go indoor rock-climbing again — and get to the top again!
  47. Complete massage course.
  48. Transplant roses, rhododendrons and chrysanthemum.
  49. Not cry for four consecutive weeks.
  50. **** ****** *********.
  51. Go overseas. Australia doesn't count.

  52. Creative — arts and crafts
  53. Bake a Russian "bird's milk" cake — птичье молоко.
  54. Bake biscuits by myself.
  55. Cook a roast by myself.
  56. Make jam!
  57. Make a large shirt into a skirt or smaller top for me.
  58. Complete ceramics course.
  59. Complete belly-dancing course. (Complete: 18.06.2007)
  60. Make sushi.
  61. Make spring rolls.
  62. Knit something wearable.
  63. Mend my black trousers = sewing = arghhh!
  64. Sew button onto white work shirt.

  65. Social — friends and family
  66. Use all seven letters in Scrabble! (Complete: 20.06.2007)
  67. Learn to play chess and beat Dan. (lost 1/1 game so far)
  68. Get a nice frame-able photo of me and Dan.
  69. Get a nice framed photo of my family.
  70. Go out on the town at least six times in four months.
  71. Visit Mum and Dad twice (Christmas doesn't count).
  72. Go for a walk with Dan twice a week for eight weeks.
  73. Play a game of cricket with my little brother.
  74. Have a "date night" with Dan every week for twelve weeks.
  75. Write four letters to Grandma and Granddad.
  76. **** ** ****** *** **** * **** ****.
  77. Start on family tree: at least 200 individuals .

  78. Physical — health and fitness
  79. Go skiing.
  80. Stepper — 3-5 times a week, for eight consecutive weeks.
  81. Skip 100 times in a row with skipping-rope.
  82. Start yoga again — twenty minutes a week for eight weeks.
  83. Use the Wii Fit for thirty minutes a day for eight weeks.
  84. Join gym — burn 1000 calories a week for eight weeks. (8/8)
  85. Have confidence/legs/tan to start wearing shorts to gym.
  86. Eat red meat weekly for eight weeks. (Complete: 11.07.2007)
  87. [Raw fruit] a day keeps the doctor away; 56 days.
  88. Finish that plaque-fighting stuff my dentist gave me.
  89. Brush teeth three times a day for 56 days.
  90. Get an eye exam/contact lenses.

  91. Professional/Societal/Financial — job, society and moolah
  92. Write a letter to my MP.
  93. Get a part-time job while studying.
  94. (Complete: 27.05.2008)
  95. Once graduated, get good, full-time, ongoing job.
  96. Do ten phone/support shifts at Youthline.
  97. Take a call at Youthline.
  98. Donate fifty good-condition items to a charity (e.g. Red Cross).
  99. Sponsor Francis for twelve consecutive months. (12/12)
  100. Send four letters and one photo to Francis. (1/5)
  101. Send my sponsored child a present on his birthday.
  102. Once graduated, start monthly donation to another charity too.
  103. Once graduated, double current savings scheme.
  104. Have $x in savings account.

  105. Material — possessions (complete)
  106. Buy/get installed a car CD head unit. (Complete: 04.07.2007)
  107. Sell my motorbike. (Complete: 27.05.2008)
  108. Buy a new pair of shoes.
  109. Purchase Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.
  110. Buy and frame a nice painting.

  111. Celebrate by going somewhere nice for dinner. (Not official goal, but it better happen.)
It took me about a week to write up 101 goals. Some of them are quite small and won't involve too much effort, as I don't want to overcommit myself. Some are things that I would probably do anyway (e.g. graduate) but are still significant goals. And others are big things that I want to do but probably wouldn't have got around to (e.g. go overseas). Hopefully, having these set tasks to work towards will help me accomplish every goal.


Jo said...

Interesting that we both have swimming goals on our lists! Maybe we should both go swimming next time I'm up?? :)

Beanie said...

Hi! Beanie here.

Noticed you were wanting to buy Photoshop/Photoshop Elements, but I have a way that I learned from a friend where you can get free Photoshop CS4, and it actually works!

If you don't believe me/or it's not what you're looking for, sorry :(