Thursday, 5 July 2007

#61: Scrabble

Dan and I were playing Scrabble the other night, when suddenly I saw a way of using up all of my letters... Stringer! Dan unwittingly put another word in the space I'd been going to use — but when I cried out and told him I'd been going to use that G, his next move thoughtfully made a word with another G in it. And then I saw a space which gave me slightly more points, and put down all of my letters: Strainer. I feel a bit guilty, because I wouldn't have got that without Dan — but I almost got it the first time without his help, and I didn't end up using the G he gave me, so I might have got it even without his help. So I still think it counts, and this task is complete.

But in our next game, I'll still be trying for another eight-letter word....

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