Wednesday, 16 May 2007

South Korea

In my last entry I didn't mention one of the things that's arguably foremost on my mind at the moment. Basically, Dad's potentially moving to South Korea for a year. Not Mum, not Sasha. Just Dad.

Dad's applied for a job, y'see. He's applied for a few jobs over the last year, and got a few short-term jobs; but the fact is that he's over the Fatal Fifty mark, and despite being an excellent teacher and having every relevant qualification, NZ employers aren't...employing him.

But this particular South Korean company do regular intakes of ESOL teachers for one-year positions, and Dad's interested. He would be leaving Mum and Sasha; but they don't want to uproot Sasha from school, and Mum needs to stay near Nana. Besides, Mum and Dad just bought a house in Dunedin — it would be ridiculous to up and move again so early, especially when he'd only be in Korea for a year. Neither of them want to do this, but it might be the best option.

To think I was upset when they moved to Dunedin, because I wouldn't be able to see them as often. Trips to the South Island I can occasionally afford. Korea... I'm guessing never.

I don't like the thought of Mum and Dad being apart for a year. And Sasha's turning 13 this year; that's an important/formative year for a father not to spend with his son, not to see him for a year when he's used to seeing him every day.

It's probably the best option. Dad would be earning again, working full-time at a job he loves, in a country he loves, with people he has a track record of getting on really well with.

Mum's thinking of coming up for a visit in June, and I was planning to take a trip down to Dunedin later in the year. But if I see Mum in June, and Dad won't even be there when I go down — what's the point?

The other thing is how soon it is: July. That's only a month away. If Dad goes then, I might not even see him again for more than a year. I don't think I'm that close to my Dad, but a year... I love him, he's so supportive, I care so much about him and I don't want not to see him or be able to talk to him for a year. A year. I don't like the thought of him being in a different country from the rest of us.


Tinkerbell said...

Wow, your dad's going to Korea... That's huge news! The webpage I have said is mine actually isn't. It's something your dad might enjoy, though. I was vaguely thinking of going somewhere exotic to teach ESOL, but I'll see how your dad finds it before I make any major decisions :)

Jo said...

Hey Ruth,

I found your blog from Darcy's page. Just a note I'm in Sth Korea doing the English thing. Your Dad needs to be careful - lot of dodgy private institutes. Tell him to look at Dave's ESL cafe ... google it - it'll come up. That's where us ESL saves communicate.

Jo said...

Some just don't pay you, put you in bad accomodation - allsorts of dodgy dealings. I'm at a public school which eliminates a lot of the risk - but even then we have our moments with the education board. If he can get into public schools it's better hours and conditions (generally speaking).