Tuesday, 8 May 2007


Shaz is so thoughtful. I had three assignments due in yesterday, so when she texted on Sunday to ask if I wanted to hang out, I regretfully had to say no. She then astonished me a couple hours later by turning up at Joy's place with a packet of Tic-tacs, a bag of chocolate peanuts, an Aero bar, a Mars bar, a Milk-and-cookies bar, and so on... "Study incentives," she explained, dumping the load of chocolate on the table in front of me. I'd just been craving chocolate, too!

That was really sweet and thoughtful of her. She's often like that — the last time I was sick, she heard I was sick and thoughtfully brought round the perfect meal — food not only guaranteed not to make the queasiest person feel sick, but nourishing and filling as well. She'd even remembered from some comment I must have made months ago, that Milk-and-cookies were my favourite white chocolate.

On a less happy note, my birthday thing is officially cancelled. Some people from Wellington can't come, some had anniversaries, some had their own birthdays, some had graduation parties, and some were going to have to make special trips to Palmy for it. It just wasn't worth it.

So I'm kind of gutted, even if it's not a major birthday or anything. Kylie even double-booked her evening and was planning to be in Wellington that night — although to be fair, as soon as she found out that my thing was the same night, she rescheduled her other evening. Oh well, now she can reschedule it back.

I feel bad for Dan — he'd just vacuumed and cleaned the entire kitchen and living room, cleaned the bar and tidied the study up in case anyone wanted to crash on his spare bed in there (it was going to be at his place). So, went to a lot of effort for nothing.

I'd still like to have something this weekend... all I want to do is hang out with my friends, really, even if we all just did dinner or something. But it's either a hassle or a no-go for everyone.

So, yeah. Screw that.

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