Sunday, 9 March 2008


So, we now have kittens.

Dan and I do, I mean. We went to the SPCA and found the cutest little girl kitten called Mitsi, who was over the moon to see us — she kept rubbing up against the cage, sniffing at our hands and trying to nudge our hands, and generally just making a little "Love me! Love me!" plea. She was pretty playful too; a little black-and-white thing jumping up at our fingers and chasing imaginary things in her cage. There were two other cats available; a white adult female called Lucky, who was soundly asleep and refused to wake up for anyone or anything; and, beside Mitsi's cage, another (albeit slightly sleepier) black-and-white 4 1/2 month old, this one a male, and unfortunately named Toby — Mitsi's brother.

We went away and talked about them, and it wasn't hard to decide to get Mitsi. We went back to the SPCA, and Toby had woken up a bit more. He looked at us, and just started purring, so loudly. He was so cute, and so affectionate, and I honestly felt bad about taking him away from his sister, whom he'd clearly been living with for all his life; Dan (with a wary look in his eye) agreed to Toby as well, and we got both of them.

They were so scared the whole way back home, looking wide-eyed out of their little cat box and miaowing constantly, but once home they timidly began to explore, and were soon at home. Toby's so affectionate; he'll come and curl up on my lap, with the loudest purr you've ever heard, while Mitsi's much more playful, running around wrecking things, pouncing on her brother, and generally causing havoc.

They're both such friendly little kittens, and you can tell they come from a loving home. I took them to get fixed last Friday, and once we put them in the box they were silent — the whole way there. I walked into the vet's with them, and every other one of the half-dozen cats there was miaowing up a storm, but these little kittens were good, and apart from constantly having their eye or nose at the hole, looking at me, were still silent.

Anyway, here's a picture of them, curled up on my lap: Mitsi at the top, and Toby lower down. So very cute!

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Kerryn Angell said...

Aw!! They're so cute! I can't wait until Mark and I get a kitty (or two). *grin*