Thursday, 31 May 2007

Script Frenzy Eve

...It's the 31st of May.

...That means tomorrow is the 1st of June.

ARGHHH! Script Frenzy! Am I prepared? No. Have I thought about it? No. Do I have any idea of plot, character, setting, title? No.

Tomorrow I'm going to be pretty busy for much of the day; then for the weekend Dan and I are going to Wellington; and if that weren't enough, exams are in a week, and Dan's birthday is in two days! Have I got him a present yet, or even had time to start looking for one? You guessed it... no.

I would like to repeat one statement, for the record: Arghhh!

Ooh, although Dan and Jo and I are going to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie in the Embassy Theatre on the weekend, which should be fantastic... from all reports the movie's great.

And that reminds me: I got an A+ today! Again! I rock. It was for the same paper as I got the other A+ for... which is funny, cos I didn't think I'd done this assignment particularly brilliantly... but I guess I fulfilled the essay requirements, so that's all good.

I realised something today, which I should have realised long ago: out of all of my assignments, the lowest I've got for a first-year paper has been an A-; but the two second-year assignments I've got back (from two different papers) have got a B+ and a B. Clearly, I need to raise my work a notch to meet second-year requirements; considering I'm doing at least one third-year paper next semester, I really need to raise my standards. I don't want to be a C student again.

But for some reason, the knowledge that I'm going to have to start doing better, makes me feel better rather than worse, and look forward to next semester. I like a challenge, especially a realistic one.

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