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I haven't done a lot of book reviews yet, but I plan to do more.

I figured I may as well have a nice tidy post listing my reviews. Enjoy:

Brown, Sandra — Play dirty (review)
Durst, Sarah Beth — Ice (review or buy)
Edwards, Kim — The memory-keeper's daughter (review or buy)
Fitzgerald, F. Scott — The curious case of Benjamin Button (review or buy)
Franklin, Dave — Girls like funny boys (review or buy)
Hardy, Thomas — Tess of the d'Urbervilles (review or buy)
Kiernan, Celine — The poison throne (review or buy)
Marillier, Juliet — Wildwood dancing (review or buy)
McEwan, Ian — Atonement (review or buy)
McGregor, Elizabeth — The ice child (review or buy)
Olson, Bruce — Bruchko (review or buy)
Orwell, George — Nineteen Eighty-Four (review or buy)
Pon, Cindy — Silver phoenix (review #1, review #2 or buy)
Pullman, Philip — Northern lights (review or buy)
Pullman, Philip — The subtle knife (review or buy)
Pullman, Philip — The amber spyglass (review or buy)
Reid, Carmen — The personal shopper (review)
Sones, Sonya — What my mother doesn't know (review or buy)

Disclaimer: Purchases made through my Fishpond (NZ bookstore) links give me a commission. Purchases made through GoodBooks (NZ bookstore) give me nothing, but the books tend to be cheaper and the proceeds go to Oxfam. If outside New Zealand, I recommend Book Depository, which, likewise, gives me nothing, but their prices tend to be cheaper, and they ship pretty much worldwide for free. However, I've found their pre-orders to be unreliable.

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