Sunday, 23 November 2008

Week Three goal

Less than 10,000 to go!

Not till I finish, obviously; but less than 10,000 to go till I reach where I'm meant to be today: at 76,682 words. Wow, that sounds like a lot.

I've written 67,061 total words at time of writing: 6680 words today (although just over 1000 of that was before I went to bed). That feels like a pretty damn good effort already, to me. But I'm so motivated, I so want to get to this word count because I've said I would, so I can buy my book, and to write 16,301 words in a day!

This may sound difficult, and it will be. But I can do it. As proof that it can be done, may I present rejectednightmares, a writing dynamo who signed up to NaNoWriMo yesterday and wrote 20,000 words that day. (Making the rest of us look bad!)

But if rejectednightmares can do 20,000 words in a day, I can do 16.

Besides which, I've advertised to both the NZ NaNoWriMo forum and on this blog that I am going to get 76,682 words by midnight tonight. If I fail at something I've publicised so widely, it'll just be embarrassing (which, of course, is why I publicised it so widely). Now I have to make it!

So, 67,061 at the moment. 76,682 by midnight.

Now look at me go!

7.47pm: SEVENTY THOUSAND! Man, that's a good feeling. I think every ten thousand is always a great feeling. But seventy thousand! That's huge. I hope so much I manage another 6542 words tonight! It's gonna be tough....

Total words today: 16,402.
Total words overall: 76,783. I WIN!!!

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Kerryn Angell said...

Congrats! Keep it up! You're doing amazing.

This is just making up for me not doing NaNo this year. lol. :)