Sunday, 2 November 2008

Motivation level: 10

I think I've decided. I've written 6510 words to date — granted, it's the weekend — but I've been doing it unhurriedly, without stressing, and I'm liking what I've put out. It needs rearranging and editing, but I still like my story, my characters, my world, and how it's all progressing so far.

So I think I'm going to go for 100,000. Yesterday I wrote 3070 words between 8pm and midnight, while watching a movie and chatting far too much on the forums; my outline's working really really well so far, and keeping me on track and focussed in what I'm doing; today I wrote 3440 words in two hours, and I figure if I can keep that up then I'm sorted for November. I easily set aside two hours most evenings for writing a novel, and make up the rest on a weekend.

I hope I don't get disenchanted with my novel too quickly. I realise and accept that that's just a part of life; but one of my 101 goals is to submit a novel for publication, and if I can get this one to 100,000 words and then revise it, this might just be that novel.

And so far, amazingly, I'm still loving what I'm writing. I know it's got a long, long way to come; but for a very fast-written first draft, I like it. And as I write, I'm thinking about (and occasionally applying) some rules of writing I've learned from my writing classes over the past year and a half; and I've got heaps of research to do to back up what I'm writing about (how edible really is goat stew?), but I'm even looking forward to doing that, and to building this world more believably than I've built others.

I'm really looking forward to writing 100,000 words on this story.

Total words today: 3440.
Total words overall: 4364.

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