Wednesday, 12 November 2008


They're temporarily out of stock.

The books, I mean; the Georgette Heyer books I promised myself as a reward for being up to date at the end of each week. All the titles I wanted are now out of stock; they aren't listed any more in the catalogue, and I doubt they'll be re-listed.

A twelve-thousand-word day! Not all for nothing, since I've still got a nice word count, but all to find I don't get the reward I'd hoped for — it sucks. They were all in stock a week ago!

It just sucks that I now get no reward.

I guess I'll think of some other reward. I might buy myself The art of racing in the rain by Garth Stein, which I've wanted to read for a while. But I still need three other "rewards".

It's just disappointing that my cheap incentives — books I really wanted — are now all out of stock. The same titles are available in a different series, but I want the same series so it'll look all pretty in my bookcase. And honestly, GoodBooks are the cheapest I've found those books.

Oh well, Dan and I are moseying down to Wellington this weekend, and I think Borders stocks the same series, so I might get one there. But somehow it's not quite the same... achieving your goal, and just being able to click that "Buy" button online. Or achieving that goal, and going proudly into the local bookshop the next day. The local bookstores don't stock Georgette Heyer.

I'll tie a knot and move on. It's just disappointing.

Total words today: 298.
Total words overall: 33,399.

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