Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Share the joy

OK, I know this is shockingly unoriginal of me, but: for Christmas this year, I want one of three gifts: a gift that grows; a gift of hope; or a gift for life. I figure that birthdays are probably more a time of individual gift-giving; at Christmas you need to buy heaps of presents for heaps of people, and it's just so much easier if you can just glance down a catalogue (or three), select a gift for the amount you feel like spending, and just buy it.

When it comes to my birthday next year, I'll be selfish again; but for Christmas it just makes sense to get a gift that helps those in need. To that end, I've also decided to buy gifts like this for other people this year; and it makes it so much easier to just go to one catalogue.

It's not like they have to be impersonal gifts, either. There's a wide range of presents in the three different catalogues, and I've already had fun going through and selecting baby food for a child-loving person, school uniforms for a fashion-conscious friend, etc....

I guess I'm preaching here, so I'll stop. But that's what I want for Christmas this year, and I think it'd be really cool to give these gifts to other people who would appreciate them — people who may not need anything themselves, but who would appreciate knowing that their gift has helped someone who needed it.

Plus I feel that's a little bit of the spirit of Christmas, isn't it? Not the original baby-Jesus meaning, but a more recent meaning: help those in need. Give someone the means to a better life. Share the joy.

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