Sunday, 16 November 2008

Half way.

I didn't make my Week Two goal.

After various computer issues yesterday (two crashes, one set of lost words and one case of laptop dying completely), I missed my Saturday goal (40,000) and clocked in at midnight with 38,000 words. But I stayed up till nearly 2am, getting out my last 2000 words, and went to bed happy.

Today was less successful. I had an unproductive 5000-word morning before I had to skedaddle to meet up with friends, and didn't get any further time to write until Dan and I finally got home at nearly 10pm.

With the greatest will in the world, and a complete disregard for RSI, I cannot write 8000 words in two hours. My fingers just don't type that fast.

But I did make it to 50,000, and for that I'm happy. After all, getting to 50k is still the official goal: getting to 50 is always a good feeling, and getting there on the 16th is a fantastic accomplishment, to me. (Oh no, I just realised — I'm going to have to aim for 100,000 words every year now!)

I'm disappointed I didn't make my weekly goal, though. If we hadn't had to go to Wellington for the weekend, I probably would have made it, but that's not the point. I should have been more organised during the week.

I don't like not meeting my goals: I feel I've let myself down. More importantly, I feel I've let Dan down, because the whole reason I'm doing this weekly goal thing is to stop myself from getting behind and stressing Dan out too much. The incentive thing isn't really relevant, since GoodBooks don't even stock said incentives any more.

...but, you know what? I have fifty thousand words.

Total words today: 11,713.
Total words overall: 50,117.

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