Monday, 3 November 2008

Two down, one to go

Very, very, very tired. Feel flu-ey and didn't sleep well last night. Was up late studying. Answered exam questions at length, ran out of time and bullet-pointed end of last essay; not sure how relevant essays were to some questions. Six questions in exam = evil. I ended up studying eight topics, which meant I didn't know them really in-depth; so answered the three short questions well, I think, but the longer ones weren't as good. Ended up using four of the topics I'd studied for and two that I hadn't.

Should pass. Other than that, too tired to care.

Would like to sleep now. Not going to study any more today — I found it hard enough just now trying to remember what topics I actually wrote on. Brain quite dead.

Lost ability to write coherent sentences again.

After exam, the parking machines refused to read my credit card. Then alarm battery stopped working and couldn't unlock car, until I texted Dan both problems, when alarm magically started working again and I found a used ticket. Got into car, waited 45 minutes for ticket to work, left. Texted Dan that all was well. Unfortunately, his phone had died, so the poor guy got cash out specially, drove all the way up to Massey, bought a parking ticket for me, looked for me in vain and then drove back to work twenty minutes late from lunch. That guy is so sweet, and I feel really bad about it. I would cook his favourite dinner tonight, but I don't think he has one.

Would like to go sleep now. But NaNoWriMo guilt consuming me.

Might write about how tired my character is and what a crappy mood she's in, and what an awesome boyfriend she has.

That sounds good.

Total words today: 2738.
Total words overall: 10,172. 10%!

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