Tuesday, 1 July 2008

July goals

OK, I didn't complete most of my monthly goals again, but I don't feel I did too badly. These are goals to aim for, not to beat myself up over. My main accomplishment in May was selling my motorbike and getting a job; my main accomplishment in June was undoubtedly entering the BNZ competition. But to my July goals:

Tasks to complete
#19: Use a SPBoW word in a CHAFF article.
#20: Use a Devil's Dictionary definition in a CHAFF article.
#21: Hand an assignment in three days early.
#34: Keep desk and floor tidy for a week!
#43: Go (indoor) rock-climbing.

Reading goals
Northern Lights by Philip Pullman; Eragon by Christopher Paolini; The alchemist by Paulo Coelho; Mrs Dalloway; Eats, shoots and leaves.

Writing goals
#5: Start on story for the SST competition.
#8: Send a story to Takahe.
#11: Write 10,000 words of The Snow Dragon.

Tasks to work towards
#17: Find Russian textbook.
#25: Sort through two "Unsorted" folders.
#33: Sort through a box of crap.
#62: Play chess.
#78: Go to gym six times. (1/6)

#82: Find plaque stuff! Utilise!

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