Monday, 21 July 2008

Six Pack

I withdrew from a paper today, having decided six papers were probably a bit much for my workload. I feel like I should feel bad for having withdrawn, but I don't — I just reassessed my commitments this semester (my job, two regular columns, friends, Dan and housework on top of study). I could do it, but it doesn't look as interesting as I'd hoped, and it's only an additional paper anyway — I don't need it to complete my degree.

So I just gifted myself two extra hours a week, and took away an exam! My only annoyance is that I've already bought the textbook, so will have to onsell it at a loss — but if I've cost myself some money with the textbook, at least I'm saving myself $500ish for withdrawing!

In bookish news, the Six Pack Three is coming up in just over a month (click here if you don't know what that is). Not only am I writing an article for CHAFF to promote it, but I talked to my editor today and he agreed to run a weekly competition until then, giving away a copy of the Six Pack Two each week as a sort of lead-up to raise awareness of the Six Pack.

That's not the exciting part, though. The exciting part is that, in mentioning it to Dee from NZ Book Month, I jokingly suggested she give me a sneak preview of the Six Pack Three so I could review it in advance for CHAFF... and she's considering it! Very few people know at the moment who any of the winners will be, much less who won the reader's choice story; and I love any opportunity to get a sneak preview.

The Six Pack is a fantastic idea, helping NZ writers, promoting NZ readers reading NZ writers, raising the profile of reading in New Zealand — I'm so proud to be able to contribute my mite to helping their cause. But a sneak preview! That suggestion made it all worthwhile already.

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Kerryn Angell said...

Oh my gosh! I will be so jealous if you get a sneak peak at The Six Pack Three! I love NZ Book Month. :)