Friday, 11 July 2008

Monster CHAFF: Issue 14

Wow, I don't feel I've really written much for the upcoming CHAFF issue (Massey and CHAFF both start back Monday), but looking at the content I've written for Issue 14:
  1. This week in history — my (old) regular column
  2. Horoscopes — my new regular column
  3. Article on Writers Read
  4. Movie review — Hancock
  5. DVD reviewBecoming Jane

I don't think I'm doing so badly after all. I'm also working on a couple of feature articles for the following week, so you might start seeing a bit more of me in CHAFF.

I'm going to try to be more involved in CHAFF this semester. I worry about my chances, since I am doing 6 papers instead of the recommended 3-4; but I'm going to try and be organised (ha!) and do articles and assignments ahead of time.

At least one thing's for sure — this semester will be challenging.

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