Sunday, 20 July 2008

#27: Windows

Wow. I mean, seriously, wow.

I just reinstalled Windows with my new, completely legal version that I got for Christmas, and it is so beautiful. Previously I was using Windows 2000; now I'm using XP, and while XP may seem old hat, I am lovin' my XP experience so far: the brights are brighter; the whites are whiter.

I now have a 100% legal OS with 100% legal software (not that I ever didn't, of course). Even my music is all legit, with good ol' DRM enforced.

My computer is now no longer overrun with Trojans and programmes I don't even remember installing, which completely refuse to uninstall. I also now have IE 7, which I've been craving since I first experienced the joys of tabbed browsing (I know Mozilla has tabs, but I just don't like Mozilla).

I was going to sort through my "Unsorted" folders first, but decided instead to seize the moment and "just do it". So, while Kylie is backpacking somewhere through Europe/Asia and Angela is winging her way to San Francisco, I seized the moment by reinstalling Windows.

In other news, I've been reading Eats, shoots and leaves lately; it's great to read a book by someone who must be even more irritating in person about punctuation than I am. It's also really interesting to read about the true function of semi-colons, which have always somewhat puzzled me.

Which reminds me, I'm doing a paper on sub-editing this semester and it looks fascinating. Although that could just be me. I remember the bemused stares of my classmates when I had to admit that my topic for the final essay in Advanced fiction writing was the function of punctuation in creative writing — which I thought was interesting.

My classmates didn't seem to agree.


Anonymous said...

Why would you purchase drm music? Aren't you concerned you'll lose access to all of it? Which would be sad given you paid for it.

Ruth said...

Firstly, I've backed up my DRM licenses on a USB drive so hopefully that'll stop me losing access to it.

Secondly, I agree that DRM is pretty crap (that's what I infer you're saying): however, I want to own fully legit music/software etc, and buying DRM music is much cheaper than buying it on CD.

If I did lose my DRM music, though, I'd just download a pirated copy of it — I feel that if I've paid for a song, I should be able to own it, regardless of my methods of obtaining it. Not as legit, but it satisfies my conscience! :)