Friday, 1 August 2008

August goals

Although I only completed 1 out of the 5 goals I'd wanted to accomplish in July, I ended up achieving several others instead: backing up my Personal folder, reinstalling Windows, and seeing a professional stage-show — The gods of warm beer, starring Laura Hill (Toni from Shortland Street). I'd counted on time during semester break; but my break was mostly taken up with writing articles for CHAFF (grrr). Still, I am undaunted: August goals.

Tasks to complete
#34: Keep desk and floor tidy for a week!
#38: Get a facial.
#49: Bake a птичье молоко (ptich'e moloko) cake.

#66: Visit Mum and Dad.

#93: Buy Francis a birthday present.

Reading goals
As the crow flies; Bruchko; Oliver Twist; Plumb; The man from St Petersburg; The tenant of Wildfell Hall; Sold.

Writing goals
Write first draft of story for SST competition; send story in to Takahe; write 10,000 words of The Snow Dragon; enter story to the Heartland 1000.

Tasks to work towards
#17: Complete six chapters of Russian textbook.
#25: Sort out one "Unsorted" folder.

#33: Sort out one box of crap.
#58: Knit 30 more rows of my jumper. (8/30)

#62: Play chess.
#78: Burn 1000 calories at gym each week. (2/4)
#82: Use plaque stuff ten times. (10/10)

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