Monday, 18 August 2008

Gym: Week Two

Total calory burn for Week Two: 1215 calories

OK, week two was technically last week, but I wasn't really in the right head-space to write about exercise. And my Nana broke her arm last week, so all things considered, not a good week for my grandmothers.

But on to gymnastical talk. I ended up having to go to the gym four days last week, and it has been an additional source of stress for me to find the time to go. And I ended up being half an hour late to lunch with a friend one day, because I took 30 seconds too long at the gym and missed my bus.

I only needed to get 70 calories burned on Friday to get to 1000, but decided that, since I was going to miss lunch anyway, there was no point in only doing the 15ish minutes I needed; so I did 50 minutes instead, which is exciting for me as it means I voluntarily stayed on at the gym.

But I've decided to skip this week, so I'll have to start over again next week; but I don't feel too bad about it. As Dan and I are going to visit my family tomorrow (ee! very excited), I only have two days in Palmy this week; thus I'd need to burn 700-800 calories today, and skip lunch to do the rest tomorrow. It's just not worth it, especially when I need that time to finish those three assignments I have due this week. I'm not failing the task, just postponing it; and with the gym, I intend to try and continue to do 1000 calories per week till my membership runs out anyway.

Despite the stress it can cause, I'm really enjoying working out; my body just feels so much fresher and healthier and fitter. Maybe the sensation's all in my mind; but as long as my heart's a little healthier, that's fine by me.

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