Friday, 8 August 2008

Gym: Week One

Total calory burn this week: 1035 calories

I'm exhausted. I feel bad for not updating my blog lately; but I've been so busy, especially with the gym... I feel really proud about the gym, though.

On Monday, as I was about to head off to the gym, I ended up talking with a guy I know for a while, with the result that I only ended up having 35 minutes at the gym. Tuesday, no time between lectures; and on Wednesday, I was so behind with CHAFF that I actually decided to go home and work on an overdue article rather than go to the gym.

On Thursday, I forgot my towel, so I had to go home, grab my towel and made a special trip out to Massey. And today, I had to postpone lunch till 3pm to fit the gym in. I knew exactly how many calories I needed to burn off today to get to my 1000-calories goals, and wasn't too impressed at the end of my hour to be three calories short. Grrr.

When I went back on the treadmill to burn those three calories, my heart rate was much lower than my first effort today — and I did 38 calories in 5 minutes, as opposed to my first effort, which averaged 27 calories in 5 minutes. I was wondering: would it be better to do three lots of 20-minute exercises (as I'm doing now) or six lots of 10-minute exercises?

I'm really glad I've done it this week. I enjoy the training, the feeling, the knowledge I'm helping my heart somewhat — although I was worried today when my chest felt quite tight for almost two hours after training. My heart rate went as high as 192bpm, too, which can't be good; and I've been exhausted every afternoon this week, even the days I haven't trained. Hopefully that's just something my body will learn to deal with, but we'll see. And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go to bed.

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Siska said...

So that's why you never got back to me about meeting up for coffee!
Oh well, keep up the good work anyway. I am totally impressed!
I WILL catch up with you sometime.