Tuesday, 12 August 2008


Articles are increasingly overdue; assignments are looming; I've only burned 179 calories at the gym this week; but the Olympics are on.

Ahh, my once-in-four-years love. My... quadannual love?

New Zealand's still medalless, but with the sad exception of equestrian events we're still doing as well as could be expected — while countries like Chinese Taipei, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan are slowly accumulating medals.

My main focus is still Kyrgyzstan, though; partly because, with only 15 athletes competing, they're much easier to keep an eye on than NZ's 180ish-strong team; and partly because if New Zealand wins anything, it'll be on all the NZ news before the athletes themselves find out they've won.

I found myself getting irritated at the news yesterday for all of the non-Olympics news. The National Party's made a new policy... who cares? How did we go in rowing? Russia's invaded Georgia... but what about the swimming? Did Phelps score another gold?

Not that I'm trying to detract from either news item; both very important, but...did they have to happen now? If the world revolves around me (and it does), shouldn't it also revolve around the Olympics?

But as far as Kyrgyzstan's going in the Olympics, Asylbek Talasbaev won his boxing match and is going through to the next round; and Ruslan Tiumenbaev just (as I wrote this entry) got a bronze medal for wrestling. Go Ruslan! Go Kyrgyzstan! That's their second medal ever as an independent nation. (I was psychically trying to send Ruslan bronze-vibes during the match, and must therefore claim all credit for the medal.) But that's fantastic news for Kyrgyzstan.

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