Wednesday, 27 August 2008

The purr is back

Unfortunately, so am I.

Our holiday was so nice. Dan and I went to visit my family, and it ended up being a really busy visit. We toured Cadbury World and the Speights Brewery; put two coats of stain on my Nana's balustrade; went for a Hägglund ride and saw penguins being fed; went on a scenic railway tour; made cake; went through a Tropical World; and bought various presents for Mother's Day (belated), Father's Day (early) and assorted birthdays. Good times! Expensive times, but definitely good.

On the way home I got pretty depressed about leaving; I would really have liked to have had just a couple more days there. But my family's coming up to Wellington for Christmas, so we'll see them then, and that's not too far away. In fact, Mum said they might be able to come stay with Dan and me for a couple of days, which means we need to sort out our house. Get some kitchen benches installed, buy a dining room table, that kind of thing.

I was a little worried about our cats; we haven't left them for so long before, but when we got back they were so happy to see us — Toby could hardly stop purring. We decided to let the cats in our bedroom for the night, since they seemed to be craving affection, but oh dear. They were obviously craving more affection than we'd realised; I was awake most of the night with Mitsi sniffing me and nudging me and trying to get under the covers, as Toby lay on my ankles and purred contentedly.

But it's nice to feel we've been so missed. When we first got Toby, he had a really loud purr that you could hear all the way down the hall, but lately his purr's just faded into a regular cat purr, and Dan and I have joked that he's "broken" his purr through overuse. But when we got back last night, there was no doubt about it: Toby's purr is definitely back.

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