Monday, 11 August 2008


I sometimes complain about the few remaining friends I have in Palmy, but the fact is that to an extent that's my fault. I've decided I'm really bad at keeping in touch with my friends: and I want that to change.

I want to reconnect with my friends. Recently I was talking with Kylie, who said how she'd always appreciated the fact that when Dan and I started dating, I was still there for my friends; that I didn't mind going out without him for a night with the girls; that I wasn't one of those girls who suddenly can't function without her man.

Then, when I moved in with Dan, that all changed.

I love living with Dan; I'm so glad I moved in, but I don't want that to affect my friendships. Nate, Daniel, Siska, Jo, Sherryn, Darcy, Reuben, even Kylie; and probably others, that's just off the top of my head. I've been a pretty poor friend, and I really want to make an effort to rekindle my friendships with these people.

I was talking about my priorities with Joy over the weekend, and we worked out that my priorities are more or less: Work, study, CHAFF and gym. (Dan and housework should also be on that list, although I'm not sure where.) But my friends weren't mentioned on my priority list, which I want to change. I hung out with Jo, Daniel, Nate and Nate's fiancée last week, which was really great, and made me realise how much I'm missing out on.

I do feel like this new life with Dan has been so comfortable and nice and easy that I've forgotten my friends a bit; and I do get a little lonely for a good girl friend sometimes. So I want to make an effort, and renew my friendships; and if you're a friend I haven't kept in touch with — I'm sorry!

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