Sunday, 5 October 2008

October goals

I did poorly on last month's goals, as I was much busier than anticipated. So, anticipating this month — which, with assignments and exams galore, will be far busier than last — I've decided to cut down on my October goals. I'll just be too busy; I hope to have more time from November onwards.

I think that every year: while I'm working, I look forward to study because I'll have so much more time; and when I'm studying, I look forward to work for the same reason. However, after exams and NaNoWriMo I really do think I'll have more time, since I won't be doing any study at all. My evenings and weekends will be my own! Oh, I'm looking forward to that.

Tasks to complete
#67: Go for walks with Dan twice a week. (2/5)

Reading goals
Any two books I own which I haven't previously read. (1/2)

Writing goals
Do outline of NaNoWriMo novel; 50 bullet points. (50/50)

Tasks to work towards
#17: Complete six chapters of Russian textbook.
#25: Sort out one "Unsorted" folder.
#78: Burn 1000 calories at the gym each week. (5/5)

#82: Use plaque stuff ten times. (0/10)
#92: Write Francis a Christmas card and send him a photo.

Actually, even looking at my "tasks to work towards", I wonder if I'm setting myself too many goals. But I guess we'll see.

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