Monday, 1 September 2008

September goals

OK, I feel like I did a little better last month in my goals. Three out of five goals accomplished; three out of eight books read (and one given away). I think I need to set fewer goals for myself, though; lower expectations. Once I can achieve those low expectations, maybe then I can rise higher. That's what I tell myself, anyway. So, my low September goals:

Tasks to complete
#1: Complete crossword task.

#5: Enter SST short story competition.

#29: Back up "Personal" folder.
#52: Make jam!
#91: Complete sponsorship task.

Reading goals
Killing floor; The client; Far from the madding crowd; In my father's den; The eleventh commandment; Solaris; A Christmas Carol; Six Pack Three.

Writing goals
Send a story off to Takahe; write 1000 words of The Snow Dragon.

Tasks to work towards
#17: Complete six chapters of Russian textbook. (0/6)
#25: Sort out one "Unsorted" folder.

#33: Sort out one box of crap.
#58: Knit 22 more rows of my jumper. (0/22)
#67: Go for walks with Dan twice a week each week. (8/8)

#69: Have a "date night" with Dan each week. (2/4)

#78: Burn 1000 calories at gym each week. (3/4)

#82: Use plaque stuff ten times. (3/10)

#90: Donate ten items to a charity. (0/10)

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