Thursday, 2 October 2008

Internal struggles

I'm tired.

Tired tired tired. I slept in this morning till 7.24am, which is a problem since I usually leave at 7.26am. Woke up, brushed hair, got up at 7.26am, and left at 7.28am after literally pulling on the first clothes I found, grabbing my wallet, keys and cellphone and running out the door.

The good thing was I ran nearly all the way to the bus-stop, and that I caught the bus. The bad thing was that I left my student ID (i.e. free bus pass) at home, so had to plead with the bus driver to let me on.

The other good thing was that it showed I can actually get ready in two minutes (on days where I'm not going to the gym or to any lectures).

But it's pretty bad that I did get that overtired — even Dan slept in, and Dan never sleeps in. We're both just so tired, and I'd love to think we'll get an early night tonight or tomorrow, or sleep in on the weekend; but my assignments are starting to pile up next week so I can't afford to sleep in, and for tonight I need to finish off one last, last-minute article for CHAFF.

I should be prioritising my assignments and exams more than I currently am, but they aren't really top of mind for me. When I've been trying to pass papers (i.e. handing in assignments, etc), I've never failed a paper; so it's easy to feel complacent, to put assignments on the back-burner because, never having failed, I find it hard to believe I really would fail any.

But if I don't start putting more effort in, I might.

Although I doubt it.

But I should stop doubting it.

Internal struggles!

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