Friday, 17 October 2008

Absurdist CHAFF: Issue 26

The last issue of CHAFF this year! Oh, I'm so glad. Oh, I'm so glad. I couldn't handle any more, and the last few issues have been so hard to get out with everything else I've been doing. I just haven't had the time; have had to put it off to do assignments; have had to put assignments off to get articles in at the absolute last minute possible.
  1. Last week in history
  2. (editor didn't have room for Issue 25's week, so I told him to just put it in this week and I'd have a week off)
  3. Horoscopes
  4. Feature article on NaNoWriMo
  5. Movie review on The Edge of Love

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is that. Done. The end. Finit.

Until next year, when I have to decide if I still want to keep contributing, despite the fact that I'll no longer be at Massey... my editor seems to be assuming I'll keep contributing, and I'm loath to disappoint people's expectations of me.

But we'll see.

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Jordan said...

I read your article about NaNoWriMo today in the chaff and almost fell of the bed with excitement! so i went straight to the website and signed myself, as i was going about joining the Palmy group online the site had a hissy fit and decided not to work! and it hasn't since! so i'm writing here (sorry if that pisses you off!) to say that i would really like to come to Aqabar next friday for your pre november meeting if i am able. my email is and i would really like to hear back from you. thanks, and looking forward to the month!