Wednesday, 22 October 2008


No more assignments ever! Ever, ever, ever, ever! I'm so glad.

I just handed in my final assignment for Feature writing, a feature article on eco-friendly burials. On my way home, I realised: free! No more assignments to do, ever! Unless I return to study at some stage.

End of the semester, and of my study overall. This has been the most stressful semester I've ever survived, and the last month or so has probably been the most stressful of my life.

End of writing for CHAFF. I enjoy writing for CHAFF. But writing two columns a week, one of which requires careful research and takes about six hours; and writing reviews and feature articles as well, just gets stressful.

End of assignments. My assignments have been a constant assault on my time and life. My assignment due on Monday — worth 50% — kept me up till 5am on Tuesday morning, and the 1.5 hours' sleep I had before work did not make me a happy (or attractive) little cookie.

I've also decided not to apply for that MA next year. I think I'll take the year off from study of any kind, apart from night classes at QEC which don't count cos there's no assessment... unless I decide to enrol in one paper so I can get the discounted price for Massey students at the gym (cos that makes sense... do a $500 paper to get a $300 discount).

Now I have only exams to look forward to, and in a fortnight today I'll be at the end of those, too! At least my sub-editing one should be easy.

Which reminds me, today I got back an essay I honestly was afraid I'd failed: A++. I didn't even know there was such a grade.

I am happy.

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Ange said...

Good on you!
I'm proud :)

Catch you later. Hm, maybe you should text me to organise a bit better... there is uncertainty..