Sunday, 26 October 2008

I quit

It's always such a good feeling to resign a job. Not that this has been a bad job — I've enjoyed it — but it's just always a good feeling. Maybe it's the knowledge of moving forward, of going somewhere, of change.

Although currently I'm going more backwards than forwards: I'm going back to the job I had last summer...and the summer before. A job for which a degree is wholly unnecessary. I would like to get a job which utilises my degree, but I may need to wait until I've completed postgrad for that.

I still remember my dismay a couple years ago. I was at a contact course for a paper, really proud that I was finally getting on with my degree, should have it finished within two years or so, and then:
"It's a shame you can't even get a job with a BA," someone said.
"You really need to have an MA for it to be worthwhile," someone else said, and everyone agreed, as I saw my future study suddenly double....

Although that's fine, I'm now quite happy at the thought of doing postgrad, especially if I'm lucky enough (or good enough) to get into that MA in Creative Writing. Massey's selection, sadly, seems to be extremely limited.

But my point is, new job. New people (to some extent), new challenges, new money (always good), new hours. I'll probably miss spending so much time with my kitties at home — they probably won't miss it at all — but it'll be nice to have a bit more order in my life before I come home and desperately try to crank out 4000 words in a day.

I'm leaving my current job on good terms. I don't like burning bridges: it all comes down to karma, I reckon. But that's a topic for another post....

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