Thursday, 8 May 2008

Slightly disgruntled

Well, my Russian teacher told me tonight that I won't complete the Russian course because I missed one lesson too many. One lesson! Now I'm wondering if I should bother going back at all. It's completely useless; I'm not learning anything; she's a terrible teacher.

Angela's dropped out; and the rest of the class consists of one nice guy and one jackass. And the nice one hasn't been for the last two lessons. If it's just me and the jackass for the rest of the course; if I'm not learning anything; and if I'm not even getting a "Certificate of Attendance", is there really any point in continuing to go? I would get back two hours a week of my life, which would be nice.

I might ring up QEC tomorrow and see if they're still offering Russian for travellers in August (and that it's not the same teacher), in which case Dan's offered to do it with me. Alternatively, I might decide to take a French course instead, and learn a little bit of basic French. Dan and I would like to visit France sometime, and it does seem essential that we know some basic French before we go there!

If I don't complete a Russian course, I'll fail task #16; but I might change that task. If I'm not going to get any good out of the course, I honestly don't see the point of keeping that goal; and I still have task 17 and 18 — completing my Russian textbook and reading a book of Russian stories — so it's not like I'm foregoing all Russian learning.

I don't know, yet. I haven't decided.

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