Thursday, 29 May 2008

Just money

Having got a job, I'm starting to think about how to spend my extra moolah. At the moment, I'm just scraping by, but with even $20 more a week I should be fine. I have a weekly budget, and I'm still saving.

When I got a job, I mainly just wanted a bit of extra pocket money, and primarily that's what this job will do. However, I've been thinking about the Christian practice of tithing — giving 10% of your money away — although 10% is a lot.

But I like the idea of giving money away. Partly for the good feelings, for helping people who need it. But you know what? It's more than that. Money is so important to everyone in our society. You hoard it, you spend it, you moan about your pay and your tax and basically, money's right up there as a #1 love in this nation.

I think it's good to remind myself that actually, money isn't all that. I have enough for me, and what's left can go to someone who needs it.

I buy expensive things. My car. Waxing my eyebrows. One day, a tattoo. These are luxuries, but you have to draw the line somewhere.

I'd like to draw it at 10%. I'd like to remember that money isn't that important after all, and that giving some away doesn't really affect my lifestyle. It's just money, you can always earn more.

My income's enough to feed, clothe and shelter me, to save up a nest egg, to buy presents for people I love, to go for the occasional meal out or weekend away (if I save up), to have coffee with my friends.

Once I'm working full-time, I intend to expand my budget, to allow myself more luxuries. But I never want to forget that money is just money — it doesn't really mean anything.

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