Sunday, 11 May 2008

Impending birthday

Two days until my birthday, until I stop being in my early twenties and officially start my mid twenties. Oh, early twenties, I loved you. I only hope my mid twenties are as fun and satisfying and fulfilling.

As long as my mid twenties are better than my teenage years, I'll be happy. I don't know why anyone says the teenage years are "the best of your life". I hated mine, and the thought that they'd be the best of my life made me extremely depressed. But in recent years, every year seems to be better than the last (with the exception of my Inglewood year, which was awful); I just hope the trend continues!

I'm very much looking forward to my birthday do this year: just quiet and simple, me and seven of my good friends having dinner together, and then hopefully drinks and clubbing later on. I bought my first ever LBD, which is very exciting for me (OK, technically my second one, but the first one just isn't very formal). I think I'm half-looking forward to the dinner just for the chance to wear the dress!

Now, onto birthday presents. I've already mentioned this briefly, but I wanted to state it again, closer to the time. This is my birthday wish list: Anything from this site — presents start from $8.

I need nothing and want nothing for myself this year — except a good feeling. I don't want a clever book or nice "smellies" or anything for me: I have everything already. But you can easily buy me a great feeling by letting my birthday help someone who really needs it. And imagine how cool that'll make you feel, too.

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