Saturday, 14 June 2008


It's irritating to see people with intelligence and potential wasting it, living dead-end lives in dead-end jobs, not caring.

But, y'know what, that's their choice, and they know what they're doing — not my problem. What I did realise today is that the opposite can also be true, and is possibly even worse: intelligent, outgoing, motivated people who do get going, follow their dreams, and yet feel they're not getting anywhere. People who do have definite goals; who strive towards these, and yet feel they haven't accomplished anything.

I was talking to Kylie today, a friend with the degree she wants; the perfect job for her; who keeps in touch with all her good friends from high school and around the world; and even had the motivation to go to Africa as a volunteer social worker for several months last year. And on Monday she's taking a 7-week holiday from work with her hard-earned savings to go tripping around Asia.

It's great, and yet she feels she's not getting things accomplished. If she feels that way, how much worse am I! How much do I wish I could just take a month off and go tripping around Europe or Asia!

Yet I don't feel I'm doing so badly either. I have my long-term plans, one of which does include living in Europe for a year; I'm nearly at the end of my degree; I have a dream, and a potential dream job that I may be able to get next year.

Who knows what will happen in the end, of course. But I think Kylie deserves a lot more credit than she gives herself — she knows where she wants to be, and she knows how she's going to get there. And, importantly, she's not living her life waiting for her dream; she's taking opportunities now, and living life.

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