Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Birthday wish list

So, I've decided what I want for my birthday.

I know this is a bit premature, considering my birthday's in May, but nonetheless. I know what I want you to get me.

I want you to go here and buy me anything — anything at all — offered on this site. The only problem, of course, is that you need a credit card. If you don't, then please, borrow one off someone that does have one, it's easy enough to pay them back for it.

Don't think you can get me anything else. Don't get me a clever book, or a store voucher, or some deeply personal item. I don't want it. I mean, I love the books and other presents my friends have given me over the years, but just this year, I don't want or need it. I have everything I need, everything I even want: food, shelter, power, water, friends, family, my boyfriend, a new monitor, shoes, clothes, skincare products, makeup, books, bookcases, everything.

I only ask that you get the physical card, so I can see what you bought. It'll give me a really good feeling, which is an excellent gift.

For myself, I have no real wants; I have no needs. I have no desire to accumulate extra property for myself, while children are dying.

I know this is too early for my birthday, but you could get it now anyway and just give me the card when my birthday rolls around.

And for yourself, imagine being the person who helps children be able to read, who helps prevent deadly diseases, who helps build a playground. Wouldn't that be a wonderful feeling? Gifts start from $8, and everyone can afford an $8 present.

Think about it. You'll be a wonderful person if you do it.

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