Friday, 19 September 2008


I don't think I should be allowed to "window-shop", especially when I have my Visa in my pocket and a penchant for impulse buys.

Yesterday, waiting for Dan to finish work, I wander into a second-hand bookstore to pass the time, and come out with a book I've never heard of. Today, wandering through town, I had a look in a store with a closing-down sale, and found two beautiful dresses, both of which are far too pretty to wear in the foreseeable future; sadly, I just don't have the kind of life where I need little elegant dresses.

To be fair, I didn't buy the dresses; and I didn't buy that cute little miniskirt I like at Instinct Clothing either. But I might buy them tomorrow — which is almost worse because, knowing that I have several unworn miniskirts already, and knowing I have no events to wear these dresses to, I still may be stupid enough to spend my money on them.

They're just so pretty.... But I've bought so much lately, and I hate being in debt. (I'm just waiting for my new Shopaholic book to arrive; when I first heard of it recently it sounded too similar to me not to get.)

I guess it's not too bad if I do buy a dress; they're so pretty, and on such a good deal. But I don't want to be tempted by any more; so I'm seriously considering a policy of no longer allowing myself into stores until I'm out of the red. I'm clearly just not very good at the "window" aspect of shopping.

And now I want a hoody and a tee from Threadless, too... which reminds me: check out this new t-shirt store I just discovered. I promise faithfully not to buy anything from it. But some of the slogans are funny; someone else should buy one instead. Let me shop vicariously through you!

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