Tuesday, 28 July 2009

YouTube Tuesday: Wedding romance

In the latest of romantic news, this just in: Kiwi couples are changing their wedding vows for more "realistic" goals.

Honour and obey each other? Not in this equal-partnership marriage: the "obey" is being cut. Fair enough: that one I agree with. Marriage should be a partnership, not servitude.

Another common vow alteration is, instead of saying "till death do us part", saying "as long as our love endures". Well, that's fine if you're saying your love will endure till death does you part, but I'm guessing that's not what they're saying... to me it almost seems as if couples are going into marriage expecting to leave it. Really?

I've never been married, but I gotta say I wouldn't go into it unless I really believed it would be till death did us part. To me, you need trust in yourself and your partner — trust that you'll both be faithful, and that you'll both work at the relationship. That may not come true, unfortunately; but if you already have doubts at the wedding, why're you getting married?

One groom didn't want to say he loved his partner (because he didn't love her, or because he was uncomfortable saying the L word? Either way, if I were his bride, I...wouldn't have been his bride). So instead, this rather-too-honest fellow went for saying he would "cherish and honour" her through good and bad. Not a bad second-best, I suppose... I wonder if this cherishing and honouring was till death did them part?

But to me, the best (or worst) in this list is one couple who made the following heart-warming vow: that if their "love should falter or fail, I will respect you for the period that you were in my life". Aww, you really mean that? And they say the romance is gone from modern weddings.

So, for this week's YouTube Tuesday I thought I'd link to a very different wedding entrance (via @stonjie/Tim).

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