Wednesday, 29 July 2009

#50: Bake biscuits

Another of my 101 goals complete!

No, I haven't forgotten about them. Yes, I'm still slowly — very slowly — working towards them. Sadly, I suspect a couple — such as getting a good, permanent job, and reading the whole BBC Top 100 list — aren't going to be feasible to complete. I'll still try, though.

The last ones I've completed (I think) have been (a) graduating and (b) going overseas. Neither was really an accomplishment to be proud of: I finished studying last year; and it was Dan who organised going to Fiji.

I know baking biscuits isn't much of an achievement. But baby steps! I've never baked biscuits by myself before, so far as I can remember, so I do feel a small sense of accomplishment now I've done it. Luckily I made a double batch, since a lot of the mixture... disappeared... while I was mixing it up. A few biscuits even disappeared right after they exited the oven. And some seem to have turned a rather mouldy colour....

The four-year-old in me likes playing with food colouring.

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