Tuesday, 14 July 2009

YouTube Tuesday: Complaining about nothing

Apparently people are now objecting to Air New Zealand's new "Nothing to hide" ad campaign, where Air NZ employees are shown wearing nothing but body paint. It's funny, it's creative, and it's all done in good taste: the most nudity you even see is a couple of nicely-toned men walking away. The first couple of times I saw the ad on TV, I didn't even notice they weren't wearing clothes.

So just to show how ridiculous I think this objection is, I figured I'd post the ad below for YouTube Tuesday.

Even better is the fact that Air New Zealand have also taped the "Bare safety essentials" to show as the safety video for their 737 domestic flights. Hey, you want to make sure people are watching the safety video, right?

The only concern I could think of is that little kids would be watching this video. But again, it doesn't show any real nudity, and I suspect a lot of kids would only notice or care if adults make a big deal about it.

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Pam Bachorz said...

I thought these were brilliant! All I want to know is how they managed to do that great body paint and how often they had to refresh it while filming!

Hey I got your comment over at my trailer contest--YES, people can enter from all over the globe, I just can't ship the tees all over the globe! But the other prizes are no prob.