Saturday, 4 April 2009


I need a job.

Not for money, not for rent, not for friends. Not cos I urgently need one.

For independence, I guess. Security. Stability.

I have talents, and I have skills. I have experience, albeit limited. I know I can work, and work well. But it's a tough job market out there.

I'm not giving up, or getting too despondent. I'm developing a new plan.

I don't want to go back on the dole. Ever. It encourages dependency, and I think I become a dependent person far too easily. I cherish my independence, and going on the dole will take that from me.

In the last week of my current job, if I still have no offers, I'll do a CV drop at the retail stores, at the supermarkets. I'll send letters to previous employers — I've never burned any bridges. I'll volunteer at the Sally Army, Trade Aid, somewhere to keep myself busy; keep from lapsing into despondence. Help someone while I'm out of work. What better to do?

There's a selfish aspect to everything, of course; if I'm doing volunteer work during my days while I'm unemployed, at least any potential employers will see I don't just sit around. I do something. Hopefully, if I get a volunteer position at Trade Aid or somewhere, I'll at least be getting some sort of marketable skill such as retail experience.

I'm getting some outright rejections, some interviews and then rejections, and no job offers. I'm not applying for crappy jobs. But if the time comes, and there aren't any job offers? I'm not gonna take it sitting down. Supermarkets, volunteer work, whatever. I'm not going to be a victim.

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Kerryn Angell said...

Congratulations on choosing your path and sharing it with us.