Monday, 16 March 2009

Wonder and awesomeness: an ode

I don't think I ever really appreciated Dan, patiently waiting up with me as I struggled to finish an essay, staying up as late as 1am, reading my textbooks for me as I wrote my essay, trying to get that last-minute reference I needed, reading up on a subject he'd never heard of before that day. Going to bed finally, exhausted, on a work night; telling me to wake him up so he could drive me out to Massey to drop my assignment off, even though he knew it could be 5am before I was done, because he knew I didn't like driving when I was that tired.

I find it hard enough, tonight, waiting up till 11pm for Dan, although admittedly I have a raging cold in the head which is making my focus fixate on (a) sleep and (b) my head. My nose, thanks to lozenges, several boxes of 3-ply tissues and a lemon/honey drink, isn't too much of an issue.

He does so much for me, but as I say I have a raging cold and got very little sleep last night, so I don't want to ramble on in some overtired ode to the Wonder and Awesomeness of My Boyfriend.

Just: I never really appreciated him. He does so much for me. I tried helping him tonight, trying to find some fact about accountability in accountancy, and was amazed at how quickly my mind drifted to the Scrubs episode I watched earlier tonight, how difficult I found it to actually focus on the task at hand — helping my boyfriend in the same way he's always helped me. (Now, having finally given up and accepted that even if I found what I was looking for, I probably wouldn't understand the damn thing, I choose rather to blog while I wait either for him to finish his essay or for me to fall asleep at my desk.)

I'm so lucky I found him. He's so good to me.

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