Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Evil Editors Unite!

OK, forget NaNoEdMo. Some Kiwis are doing a shorter version of it which they're calling "Evil Editors Unite" — twenty hours' editing during March. Fifty hours, I almost certainly can't do. Twenty, I almost certainly can, although it'll still be a big effort. But I think I'll go for that one, now.

In other news, hadn't recovered from over-tiredness as well as I thought I had. After dinner I kinda stretched out on the couch until Dan gently got me up, walked me down the hall, into the bedroom, lay me down, pulled off my boots and put the blanket over me. With a vague murmur of "OK I'll have a quick nap... but only for twenty minutes...", I pretty much instantly lost consciousness and refused to be woken for an hour and a half.

But this week should be a lot easier. I didn't do overtime today, and probably won't the rest of the week due to other commitments.

And I still, of course, need to fit in about an hour a day of editing. I'm actually quite looking forward to it. I think I'll go back to my first novel rather than my most recent one. My first one's much more absurd — mostly because I had planned very little for it and was making a lot up as I went along (I don't know what my characters should do now. Oh, I know, I'll make them magically disappear and go into another realm by mistake). But I don't think there's a huge amount to go to finish it.

I wonder if finishing counts as editing? I suspect not, but no matter; it's finishing that I need to do. I want to get these two stories done so I can get the hard copies of them, and time's rapidly running out for that; my first voucher expires in April. There's no point to me in getting unfinished stories printed. Even getting unedited stories printed will be annoying; printing an unfinished story would just be pointless.

Tomorrow, I need to actually put my money where my mouth is, though. We'll see how that goes.

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Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

The finish must come first for me. I have about 10K left on my WIP and then the edit stage begins.