Monday, 23 February 2009

Yet another method of achieving my goals

Weekly goals! Monthly goals take too long; I leave them all to the last minute. Weekly goals give me a short period of time to work on things in.

I know, I try so many ways of reaching my goals. But at least I don't give up. (Plus, I usually do reach my goals.)

Dan and I have been painting his house lately, which I've been really enjoying. I love the feeling of accomplishment, especially when it's working towards something worthwhile (fixing up a house and getting it potentially ready to rent out). Dan's been working a lot on fixing up the kitchen, but that's something I can't really help with, apart from giving Aahs and Oohs of encouragement when Dan tells me about it.

But painting, I can do. We've already done the roof, the front door and the side windowsills; now within the last couple of weeks we've painted the front windowsills and the side wall, and waterblasted the front wall in preparation for painting. The only problem, of course, is the weather! It isn't really summer any more, and the weather forecast predicts fine days... for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Saturday? Rain. Sunday? Rain.

Still, it's exciting to get further ahead and see our progress. I'm going to start to try completing a 101 goal every week or so, too.

While reading about five books a week (to accomplish that goal) and finishing two NaNoWriMo novels to submit to CreateSpace, one of which will probably end up at about 150,000 words.

Ye gods.

But hey, if it wasn't hard, I wouldn't be pushing myself, would I?

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