Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Writing letters

I wrote a letter to my grandparents yesterday — something I've been meaning to do for a while.

I told them about how I'm getting more organised in my study habits, and how I'm selling my motorbike, which I've been meaning to do since February 2007 (when I bought my car). I told them about how I'm buying a laptop today, and how it will help me take faster notes in class and write stories and assignments away from home, when I'm waiting at Starbucks, in the car, at Massey.

I told them how I'm finally doing a Russian course, and how I'm slowly teaching Dan Russian as well; and how Dan's finally decided to do some study himself, how in his first assignment he got 90%.

I told them about the scholarship I applied for, and the competition that I'm getting a story ready for — despite the fact that entries aren't even accepted for a month. I told them about the regular column I write for CHAFF, and the article I wrote for The Guardian.

And by the end of my letter, I realised that, finally, I'm getting my act together. Finally, I'm studying well and writing regularly, and just doing things I've been meaning to do (including writing to my grandparents!). I've been taking opportunities like the scholarship, even though I've no expectation of winning — the point is, I gave it my best shot. I've been missing others, like entering the Six Pack, which I'm still annoyed at. But I've looked into the next competition coming up this year, and I've got a story I want to submit; it's not ready yet, but it's written, and all I need to do is revise and edit it.

I'm taking opportunities, and I'm starting to live life the way I feel I should be living it.

It's a good feeling.

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