Wednesday, 26 March 2008

REAL studying


I've actually been studying lately.

Not frantic exam studying; not even frantic assignment studying. Genuine, trying-to-learn-my-stuff studying. I've written about fifteen pages of refill notes over the last couple of days, and even studied maps. Maps! This is the kind of studying I've been wanting to do since I started studenting, and it's good to know I'm finally doing it — it feels really nice and productive.

Unfortunately, I have an assignment due on Friday so I really need to be doing assignment studying, not to mention my CHAFF deadline was on Tuesday so, again, really should have at least started that by now (today being Wednesday).

But, at least, I've still been studying. And hopefully, once article and assignment are safely done and handed in, I'll get back to doing more study for the rest of my papers, and actually catch up to where I'm meant to be in my horrendous pile of reading, writing and notes — third year's fascinating but sadly time-consuming.

Still, good. This is the way life's meant to be.

(Am attempting to write shorter entries in hope that thus I will write more often. We'll see how it pans out.)

Quote: It's interesting how you all keep talking about characters, and how this character wouldn't do that. You know they don't exist, they're just words on a page. The point is, can the writer make you believe that they would do that.
— My writing lecturer, to us.

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