Monday, 12 October 2009

Review: The curious case of Benjamin Button

This review's short, because the book is.

I was disappointed in The curious case of Benjamin Button. It's extremely short - about 40 pages - and while the premise is interesting, the book's so vague that I couldn't really get into it or care about the characters at all. There are very few actual scenes in the book (conversations, etc); most of it is just the narrator describing a period of Benjamin's life, and all of the characters — Benjamin's father, his son, and Benjamin himself — come off looking pretty callous.

It's still a sad story, though, since it's almost impossible to have any normal relationship with your body (and mind) growing younger and sillier.

But I am disappointed, because the premise (person is born as old man and gets younger with time), I think, really is interesting.

But the book? Not so.

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Stace said...

Even so, it was turned into a movie. I saw the movie the other day, but only watched about the first half hour before realising that, despite the great premise, it was really boring!

Interesting to find out that the book is so short. I agree - it's an interesting premise, and so a pity. Perhaps it's more difficult to pull off than we realise at first glance?

Ruth said...

Huh, that's interesting. I haven't watched the movie, although I want to (hoping it'll be a better movie than a book!).

Maybe it is really difficult to pull off well. But not, I think, impossible.

Hmm, maybe that could be my next NaNoWriMo idea... although even if I didn't like F. Scott Fitzgerald's take on it, I somehow doubt I could do it better!

Stace said...

Good luck with NaNoWriMo.

For those of us here in the Southern Hemisphere I think there could be a much better month... I'm not wasting another month of excellent weather on 50,000 words!

I think I'll try it next June or something.

Pallav Pathak said...

Hey! I'd heard that the movie was adapted from the book but I didn't know that the book was only 40 pages long! Wow. Considering the length of the movie, I really wonder what the book would be like.

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