Monday, 11 January 2010

Review: Wildwood dancing (Juliet Marillier)

Whoa, found this mini-review I wrote back on 10th October... not sure why I never published it, but here it is now, anyway!

Loved this book. I think this is Juliet Marillier's first Young Adult book, so I wasn't sure I'd like it, at first. I was even less sure when I found out the characters live in Transylvania, in a place called Piscul Dracului. (I'm so sick of vampires.)

But I loved this book. Juliet Marillier is already my favourite author, but I noticed some differences between this YA book and her adult books: it's much shorter, for one. I wanted the book to last longer, just because I was enjoying the characters so much. The romance is very sweet, as well, even if it's not exactly difficult to guess who the heroine ends up with, and even if the hero was a tad passive for my taste.

It isn't my favourite Juliet Marillier book; but I really enjoyed both the plot and the characters, and as I say — my main problem was that it ended too soon.

I'd recommend this book to any YA readers, as well as any women just looking for a good read.

...And then move on to everything else Juliet Marillier has written.


Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

I havent read her but with what you say here I want to. This book looks and sounds wonderful!

Anases said...

This book is terrific, but I haven't finished reading it for some reasons, But I am sure that it's one of the Best book I have read. but what about THE DARK MIRROR ?