Wednesday, 10 November 2010

3 of 30: Day at the office

I know this may seem like I've skipped straight from 1 to 3, but trust me, there was a 2 in there. There were even photos, but I took them myself, and the photos were all so dark and fuzzy — and I looked, for some reason, so angry in all of them — that I couldn't face putting them online.

Just a nice simple professional look for work today. I don't think my trouser-legs are quite as wide as they look in this photo, though! It's not a beautiful photo, but I did like the outfit.

Top: Pagani; trousers: Glassons; jacket: Ezibuy; sandals: Hannahs.

It was a beautiful warm day today, and tomorrow's meant to be even hotter. Yay summer!

30 for 30


Selected Treasures said...

Like the blazer! :)

gangsterpixiestyle said...

Pretty shirt!
Thanks for visiting me!
you have some cute stuff in your 30 for 30!