Monday, 8 November 2010

1 of 30: Visiting the aunts

Today I was excited to be going round to visit two of my aunts — my mother's two sisters — whom I don't see very often. It's a couple of months since I've seen the one; a couple of years since I've seen the other.

As I also had to go to work today, I wanted a look that was professional enough for work, but which also looked attractive. My trousers were too boring; my high-waisted skirt too formal; my mini too mini; my jeans too casual. That left me with my charcoal skirt, which was warm enough for a semi-cold day and still looks nice, but has (I feel) a bit of character in it as well — maybe it's the asymmetrical belt. I actually wanted my sleeveless white shirt for this outfit, but it was in the wash, so I remixed the skirt with my red and black shirt — a mix I was really dubious about, but which I loved in the end. It's such a simple mix! Yet it's not something I would have done if I had had more choice.

Top: Pagani; skirt: Ezibuy; boots: Number One Shoes; singlet: no idea.

I had a great time with my aunts, and one of them commented I looked very sophisticated.

"Oh, I just came straight from work," I laughed. Entirely true.

But also nice to get the compliment. :)

30 for 30


Lydia Marie said...

Cute outfit! That's what's great about this challenge, you start mixing things that you never would have otherwise.

I'm glad I reserved the right to change items too, I did it because I knew I picked waaay too many shoes. I could probably live in the same pair of boots all month!

Sarah said...

ahh I love visiiting family! I'm glad you had fun.
Wearing It On My Sleeves

Terri said...

I love the charcoal skirt! I think the blouse looks just fine with the skirt, although I forget that in your part of the world it is likely a different season than I'm having in the USA. Best of luck with the rest of the challenge.