Friday, 1 January 2010

Looking back on 2009, and forward to the rest of my life

So, it's that time of year again.

As I try to think of New Year's Resolutions to make, really all I think of is how lucky I am. I have a wonderful boyfriend, I'm starting a job in my dream career, I'm moving to a city I love, and I and all my family are healthy.

The saddest thing that's happened to me last year was my beautiful cat Mitsi dying, which I'm still so sad about — she was only one and a half, and was the most affectionate, cute, obedient little cat.

The best thing that happened to me, no question, was me getting my internship. It still seems unreal, but I can't wait to move to Wellington and start studying! While I'm a little nervous about the study — some of it sounds pretty full-on, and I have very little idea of what to expect — I can't wait to start the job itself. (Quick run-down: they're paying for me to get my graduate diploma, which is one year's study, while working for them during semester breaks. Once I've got the diploma, I'm bonded to them for two years. A minimum of two years in my dream job? I'm OK with that!)

The best new book I've read this year would have to be either Graceling by Kristin Cashore, or Wildwood dancing or Cybele's secret by Juliet Marillier. Two very talented authors there. None were actually 2009 releases, but still the best new books I read this year. I'm still looking forward to reading several 2009 releases, though, such as Magpie Hall by NZ author Rachael King, Cleopatra's daughter by Michelle Moran, Ash by Malinda Lo, and Rampant by Diana Peterfreund.

Inevitably, at the end of a year, regardless of whether or not you "do" New Year's resolutions, you look back at what this year has been, and look forward to the potential of next year.

This year hasn't been what I'd expected or hoped it to be. But with getting my internship, I think next year — and following years — will be so much better. While I didn't accomplish what I'd hoped to, this year — earning lots of money — my feet are now set firmly on the track I want them to be on. And in all ways, as I look forward to what my future's likely to be — I feel so lucky, and I just can't wait.


Determinist said...

Cool - you are moving to Wellington. The Nanowrimo crowd will probably run into you a little more in Novembers!

Sounds like an exciting new year. Good luck and all the best.

Rachel S. said...

you got the internship?! how exciting! congratulations! and happy new year :)

Anonymous said...

Wishing you much happiness in 2010!