Thursday, 7 May 2009

Month of mayhem

I have, essentially, today and tomorrow to finish off my 2008 manuscript. After that, I'm going to be a screenwriting, job intervieweeing, parent-hosting, graduating, birthdaying, Fiji-visiting baby. Not all at the same time, but it's gonna be a busy few weeks.

After we get back from Fiji, I only have a week till my voucher expires — and last time it took me about two weeks to ready the cover for print.

So in the space of today and tomorrow I really need to write an extra 50,000 words (or thereabouts) and edit my novel to perfection. To give you an idea of how fast I can write, if necessary, the most I wrote in any single day last year was 16,402 words. So while 50,000 words in two days is still impossible, it's... do-able if I get myself an extra couple of days and write like crazy-person the whole time. Huh, at that speed I could almost complete NaNoWriMo in a long weekend.

Those 16,402 words weren't as bad as you might think, either. But then I had a detailed plan I was following, characters I loved, a storyline I knew inside and out; most importantly, I was in the flow. I'd been following these characters every day for the past month. I knew them. I knew what they wanted, where they wanted to be.

Now I've had a break of over five months, and it's going to take me a while to get reacquainted with them.

I also need to decide what the actual plot is for the rest of the novel. I know the ending, but I'm somewhat undecided as to how my heroes get there. I have plenty of ideas, but I'd really prefer an idea that made sense and was logical. (This is what happens when you write a story based on a dream.)

My aim for today is 5000 words. My aim for tomorrow is not 45,000 words — ye gods — but I would like to finish the book before my parents get here, and finish it well — not rushing it.

Yeah, cos that's gonna happen.

It's going to be a great rest of the month, though. A visit from my parents and brother; graduation; and a trip to Fiji. Oh, plus I'm turning a quarter of a century old this month. Quarter of a century! I keep forgetting it in the excitement of graduating and Fiji-ing.

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